Are Your Hang Outs Helping Your Business?

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High net worth individuals typically like to surround themselves with other high net worth individuals. And if you know where to look and put yourself in places where they congregate, you could see your Luxury Real Estate business boom.

Below are 3 specific areas to help you find prospective high net worth clients.

Arts and Theatre

Arts and theater are great avenues to find high net worth individuals. Make an effort to get involved with your local arts foundations, art groups, art museums, and theater so that you have opportunities to associate with people you would like to do business with. Click To Tweet


What are the charities in your area? Are they hospitals, child initiatives, conservation groups, preservation groups, or historical groups? Find one you can identify with and join it. More importantly, become active and work your way onto the board. This can help you get up close with people that are in your market.

Affiliation Marketing

Affiliation marketing is paramount. Affiliation marketing is marketing to businesses that deal with high net worth individuals who don’t compete with you. For example: yacht brokers, plane brokers, horse owners, golf pros, tennis racket re-stringers, jewellers, or antique dealers. Learn to market jointly with them. You want to make their sphere your sphere and vice versa. This will help to increase your sphere of influence.

Follow the aforementioned avenues when searching for high net worth individuals. You will be on your way towards positioning yourself as the go-to luxury real estate agent to consult amongst the affluent.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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