Jack Cotton founded Cotton Real Estate, now Sotheby’s International Realty, in 1974 and has overseen thousands of purchases and sales of Cape Cod properties. Jack’s mastery of Cape Cod Real Estate is clear, yet he never stops striving for new knowledge. In fact, he believes so strongly in the importance of continued training and education that he funded the creation of the Cotton Center for Real Estate studies at Cape Cod Community College in 2006.

Jack Cotton has built his reputation as one of the most respected Cape Cod Real Estate professionals on the foundation of integrity. The integrity to put his customer first in every single situation. Jack Cotton is highly regarded in the Cape Cod community, by his Real Estate peers throughout the country, and perhaps most importantly, by his customers and clients. Jack specializes in luxury properties and Cape Cod’s waterfront homes.

Jack Cotton is a Cape Cod Real Estate leader. He is constantly inventing and fine-tuning techniques of the selling and buying processes. Jack stays ahead of the curve with the best training and education and always finds new ways to serve his customers.

Did Jack Cotton learn everything he knows about Real Estate from his dog Moose?

Well, not exactly, but the solid fundamental values he observed in his family’s beloved dog inspired him to write;

“A Dog’s Guide To Life, Lessons from Moose.” Cotton memorialized Moose for his children in this touching book of anecdotes about living life to its fullest and striving for success. The book was written for children and it resonates with “children” of all ages who love dogs or knows someone who does.

You can purchase “A Dog’s Guide To Life, Lessons From Moose” at Books by the Sea, Main Street Osterville and 508-420-9400.

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