3 Negotiation Rules You Need to Know

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Have you ever felt outgunned in a negotiation? Maybe you lacked the experience or connections to feel like you were on equal footing. In the world of luxury real estate, this feeling can be amplified.

Today, I’m sharing 3 key negotiation rules I’ve learned that can make or break your success in luxury real estate:

1. Build Your Standing

In any negotiation, credibility is king. But in luxury real estate, it’s on another level. You need to establish yourself as a preeminent expert in your market. This means actively promoting yourself through things like:

  • Content creation: Write articles, share market insights on social media, or even start a blog (like this one!).
  • Public speaking: Consider giving local talks about your market and expertise.

The more you position yourself as a trusted authority, the stronger your position for negotiation becomes.

2. Never Assume, Always Ask

This might be the most crucial rule. It’s tempting to jump into a negotiation with assumptions about what the other party wants. But in luxury real estate, where deals can be complex and motivations diverse, assumptions can be dangerous.

Instead, prioritize active listening and open-ended questions. Truly understand what the other party needs and wants. This will allow you to craft solutions that are mutually beneficial.

3. Detachment is Your Best Weapon

Here’s the truth: Billionaires can smell desperation a mile away. In luxury real estate negotiations, projecting an air of detachment can be incredibly powerful. This doesn’t mean being aloof or disinterested – it’s about conveying that you’re confident and have other options.

There’s a difference between wanting a deal and needing a deal. Aim for the former. By being comfortable walking away, you gain leverage and increase your chances of securing a deal on your terms.

If you have more questions about breaking into the luxury market, don’t hesitate to reach out or consider joining Luxury Real Estate Unplugged!

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    Great advice again.
    Good Luck at your Open House tomorrow.

    • Jack Cotton

      Thank you, Tom!


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