How to Compete with Veteran Agents

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In last week’s blog, Jere Metcalf and I discussed how to get your first luxury listing.

This week, we will be examining how to compete with established agents.

I wish I could tell you that everything I accomplished was a carefully crafted plan. However, it was 100% an accidentWhen I started, I was 21 and I looked like I was 15. I was competing with people who look like I do now: with gray hair, wrinkles, and extensive track records. 

How Did I Compete with Established Agents? 

I knew I had to be perceived as an expert. 

I decided to establish my expertise in Luxury Real Estate pricing. This was because, back then, everyone approached listings with no pen or notepad and just walked in the house estimating the price. I knew I needed to do this in a different way because I really wanted to showcase and convey my expertise. Thus, I took a lot of appraisal classes. I decided on creating narrative appraisals since there was no such thing as a CMA back then. I would do 45 page long evaluations on typewriters since there were no processors back then.

Outwork, Document, Process

I outworked everyone else. 

I also documented and had a process for property evaluation. I wanted to give people a real number that they could hold in their hands and understand how it was arrived at, which no one else did in those days unless you got an appraisal. I started doing this for people who needed it for tax planning and property tax reduction purposes. I eventually got my first luxury listing from a wonderful lady.

The Spark

By seeing your incredible work ethic, prospective clients will see a spark in you because this mentality of outworking everyone reminds them of themselves. Click To Tweet They will be willing to take a chance on you just because of this spark. And that’s precisely how I help my students and coaching clients. I can’t help people see a spark that isn’t there, but I can help people develop a spark. Often, other Luxury Real Estate agents don’t realize how close they are to it. 

Until next time, make it a great week.

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