Should You Start Your Own Real Estate Company?

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Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing with you highlights from my latest interview with Atlanta’s leading real estate broker, Jere Metcalf.

This week, I want to give my insight into whether or not you should start your own Luxury Real Estate company.

When I first started in Luxury Real Estate, at the time I would have recommended starting your own Luxury Real Estate company. However, now, I would advise against it, though it’s still possible.

Why You Should Consider Working For a Company

In considering my own experiences, I would recommend working for a company first instead of starting your own Luxury Real Estate company. Why? Working for individuals who have more experience than you can invaluably mentor and guide you. Click To Tweet

When I first started in Luxury Real Estate, I started my own company. However, in retrospect, I wish I had gone to work for a company because it would have made my learning curve much steeper than all the trial and error that I went through.

It took me a year to sell my first house. Specifically, it took me a year and a month, three weeks, two days, and four hours to sell my first house. It was really sad. However, I knew I was born to be a realtor. It was not my career or job, it was my calling.

A Passion for Real Estate

When I was a kid, Cape Cod was just being developed and they were building houses everywhere. Thus, I had this endless supply of lumber. I would start building my own houses – houses in the top of trees, houses under trees, or houses in the woods or fields. Every time I was having a bad day or things weren’t going well, I retreated into my own little space up in my crudely built little house and everything became all right in my world again. It felt great. I was in my space.

That’s a feeling I’ve never gotten away from and a feeling that I think everybody should have when they come home and are burdened with the cares of the world – that their home is their sanctuary and a place to feel good. 

I sold my company in 2005 and the very first thing I bought was a treehouse that a famous tree house builder in California built. I bought the tree to go along with the treehouse and I also rented an 18-wheeler. I brought it across the country and set it up in the front yard of my house. It’s still there right now and every time I go to work, I go by this tree house as a powerful reminder of why I’m in this business.

Helping people find their tree house – their little oasis from the storms of life – is what I love.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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    Please please please could you post photos of your treehouse? It sounds so wonderful! Thanks so much for all you’ve taught us and shared with us.

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