Are You Using PR as Part of Your Marketing?

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Last week, we highlighted the critical importance of strategic and effective networking as a powerful way to grow your business.

This week, we will be discussing how to utilize public relations to promote your Luxury Real Estate brand.

Public Relations is an Invaluable Marketing Strategy

Public relations is the best marketing you can do or get because it's like a third party testimonial. Share on X It didn’t come from you – at least that’s what people think – and it’s effective in establishing credibility and helping people to remember you.

The main goal, if you’re in Luxury Real Estate, is to get above or below the fold of the front page of a renowned print or digital publication. That’s the holy grail of public relations. Although it’s not always possible, when you shoot for the moon, sometimes you will hit something really high just as well. Thus, you should be implementing public relations campaigns all the time when you get a new listing or when you close a considerable sale.

Public relations generated from the local media in your area is great. However, The Wall Street Journal is as good as it gets. We try to get in there at least four times a year as an agent, and we’ve done pretty well. You cannot purchase article space and, in fact, most news articles – whether it’s a newspaper, periodical, or magazine – typically do not sell that space for article placements. Regardless, don’t discount this source for public relations.

The Press Release Hook

A staple element of public relations is writing a press release. When writing a press release, a captivating headline, or hook, is an important element in order to grab the reader’s attention. Look for attention-grabbing headlines or hooks for your press release by getting ideas from mainstream magazines. I always look at the titles of the articles in those magazines because I know they’ve been focused grouped and researched. I will then just change a couple of words when I apply and convert it to my press release.

Numbers in Your Headlines

When you have a number in your headline – for example: 7 Things Every Luxury Home Seller Should Know About Photography, or 5 Trends Every Luxury Home Buyer Should Be Aware of This Upcoming Year – it will generate more interest because it makes the reader incredibly curious and intrigued. Try it and see the results you get!

Until next time, make it a great week.

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