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Last week, we examined how to utilize public relations and why it is an invaluable marketing strategy in Luxury Real Estate.

This week, we will be exploring the paramountcy of video marketing when it comes to showcasing your Luxury Real Estate brand.

Promote Your Listings and Expertise Through Video

Videos can be incredibly effective when promoting a listing and ourselves conveying our expertise to the marketplace. This is because buyers love videos. In fact, about 86% of buyers search for homes through videos. They love to look inside a listing and inside the house.

Video Quality and Length

Make sure the videos have good to great quality.

When videos first came to real estate, they were made up of still pictures stitched together. There was no video camera even involved. Those days are, however, over. The bar is constantly being raised all the time.

In terms of video length, you want to keep it around three minutes, whether it’s a video about yourself, the market, or a listing. Three minutes is ideal.

Be careful how much you showcase in a video when promoting a listing or house. You want to give them enough, but not everything, so they will want to see the property in person. Click To Tweet

Video Content

The content should be enticing enough that people will want to watch, view, and share with others. You achieve that by creating an emotional connection with them. You can also include a story in your video when you’re promoting a listing, such as any historical information or interesting events that occurred in or around the area.

It’s also important to have a solutions-oriented mentality in your videos. You can convey your expertise by anticipating problems or questions they may have and providing answers.  For example, what’s the biggest problem my viewers have and how can I solve that? I’m not telling them how great I am. I’m showing them that I can solve their problem.

Video Purpose

Identify the purpose of the video, and just focus like a laser beam on the purpose of that video. Before shooting a video campaign, ask yourself: “What’s the purpose of this video? What are we trying to get across here?”

Have a Strong Call to Action

Tell your viewers at some point in the video to do something:

  • come to the open house
  • send the video to their friends

Tell them what to do. Give them instructions in what they need to do next.

I’m a huge believer in videos for promoting myself and my listings. They provide engagement and exposure. It’s the wave of the future – embrace it!

Until next time, make it a great week.

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  1. Patti

    Thank you for another great video about the important use of videos !

    My favorite videos and view of your market area were the sessions you filmed on your boat just cruising the harbor and waterways near Cape Cod ….. you were relaxed but looked professional, you were in charge and very knowledgeable. Even from my desk in the Midwest I could “feel” the cooling breeze and warm sunshine….. even imagine the smell of the salt air. That series made me ready to head east and consider buying a special vacation property. THAT is what you were selling in the video….. a call to action

    THANKS !

    • Jack Cotton

      Hi Patti, thank you for the kind words and I’m glad that you enjoy my videos! Let me know how that special vacation property goes!


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