Underappreciated Branding Tool in Luxury Real Estate

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Last week, we explored how to leverage your personal brand in Luxury Real Estate.

This week, we will be examining how invaluable business cards are. Even in a digitally dominated world, business cards are still a tangible thing that’s very important in this business.

I travel all around the country, conduct seminars all over the United States, and people still hand me their cards – cards that are neglected and poorly constructed. Thus, I think it’s really important to cover some basics on business cards.

Always Carry Business Cards With You

Business cards are an important part of your business. This little piece of paper is coveted by many. They’re easy to carry and you can hand them out constantly.

My advice would be to go to your closet, where all your business jackets are lined up, and put a packet of business cards in every top pocket so that you’ll always have business cards handy.

Have you ever asked someone for a business card and they didn’t have one? Have you ever been asked for a business card and you didn’t have one? I’ve been that person. It’s not good. That’s why I seed my pockets with business cards.

What if you had a goal to hand out five per day? That would be around 1,200 a year. Do you think that your real estate business could be impacted by 1,200 cards being handed out per year? Even one percent can make a tremendous difference.

No Picture

When it comes to incorporating your pictures in your business cards, my advice would be no picture since physical appearances change constantly, leading to potential confusion in the future. However, indeed, if you’re going to put your picture on your card, have a recent professional headshot taken.

Easy to Scan

Business cards need to be clear, concise, and especially easy to scan. Click To Tweet I’ve received business cards, put them through my scanner, and they don’t scan because the print is microscopic. If you want your card saved by a prospective client, make it easy to scan.


Additionally, since a lot of people are getting older, why not have bigger font on your cards? I have received business cards where I needed to use my glasses and a magnifying glass to read the email address. Make sure the font is easy to read, both in style and font size.

Minimize Info

Another business card error I see are having too many initials after a name or too many phone numbers listed. Keep it to a minimal.

I also think it’s much more impactful when you have a business card that has a light background. Less is more. There should be lots of white space so that people can see it and read it. It’s also more aesthetically pleasing when there’s less on the card.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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