Keeping Your Luxury Listings

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Over the last few weeks, you’ve learned how to become a better negotiator. What was the best thing you learned about negotiation? Now, let’s move on to another topic: keeping your Luxury Listings.

There are parts of the country where the market can include houses worth up to 10 million dollars or more, but the properties have stayed on the market for long periods. I just heard from a seller who has had their eight figure property on the market for 12 years! In these types of situations, the best way to keep your luxury listings long enough for the property to actually sell is through communication.

One of the best ways to communicate with your clients about listings is through a show slip or confirmation form. I fill them out every time I do a showing, but I also use them for any kind of marketing that takes place for the property. For example, if the client and I bring up the topic of a particular listing during an office meeting, I will fill out a marketing confirmation form and send it to the seller.

Our team also has systems in place to answer questions sellers may have such as, “How many times have you shown the property?” That way, we have proof about what needs to be changed when we’ve had 50 showings in the past year and no one’s wanted to buy the seller’s property.

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Over the next few weeks, we’re going to delve more into communication and how to keep our sellers in the fold in order to get the property sold.

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