Quantifying Luxury USPs

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Let’s talk about this whole concept of USPs and quantifying them.

First of all, a USP is an unique selling proposition.

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To give you an idea of what a USP could be, let me talk about the ones that I use on a daily basis.

Market Preparation Guide. We’ve talked a lot about my market preparation checklist. I believe it adds two to four points of extra value to every home I list and sell. That by itself should overcome any commission objection.

Photography. We have these incredible photographers. They know what every single one of the buttons and dials does on a camera, but they don’t know how to frame a picture as well as I do. I know what makes a buyer’s eyes light up when they walk into a house. I know what makes a buyer’s eyes light up when they’re scrolling through hundreds of listings online and I know how to make your cover shot pop.

Copywriting. Look at some of the listings in MLS. Look at the bad English that’s being used there. They’re putting numbers in sentences and they’re doing abbreviations. What is the point of having a phenomenal cover shot that captures somebody in one and a half seconds online and then drawing them into the listing with poor grammar and poorly punctuated copywriting? I think that engaging people at this point in the process is worth one or two more points in sales price.

Being Present at Showings. “Mr. & Mrs. Seller, think about the last time you looked at property and were out with your buyer agent. You walked into a $3,000,000 house and the listing agent wasn’t there. What subtle message is there? That this is not one of your most important listings.” I am present for all showings wherever possible. Am I there 24/7? Absolutely not. Do I sometimes have to have one of my team members cover me? Absolutely. But I make every effort to be present for 90 percent of my showings.

My Negotiation Skills. Why not talk about negotiation? You just finished a five-part series on it. You know, I really think that my negotiation skills are worth another two to four points of extra sales price.

Don’t forget in a negotiation, whoever cares less wins. Be willing to walk away if it’s not the deal you want.

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