What if You Start With 10 Seconds of Courage?

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If you start with 10 seconds of courage, you can overcome any “oulda.”

There are three “ouldas” that are detrimental to your luxury real estate business success.

They are: Woulda, shoulda and coulda.

We’ve all been there: constantly fretting and thinking about what we should, could or would have done differently.

  • “I should have communicated with the client more.”
  • “I could have expanded my network this year if I attended more local events.”
  • “I would have closed the listing faster if I created a compelling video.”
Avoiding these three “ouldas” - shoulda, woulda, and coulda - is essential if you want to succeed in Luxury Real Estate. Click To Tweet

So, how do you overcome these debilitating “ouldas?”

10 Seconds of Courage

A friend of mine, Bob Wolff, often says, “Start every day with 10 seconds of courage.” Just do something for 10 seconds and get it done. This has been an important rule of mine in business, and it’s a rule that will create good habits and set you up better for success going forward.

Watch this video to learn more.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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    Hi Jack,
    I’ve been watching and reading your content since I started in real estate 4 years ago. I’m with Wish Sotheby’s in Sherman Oaks, California. Thank you for providing such great advice. I’ve learned lots. Read your book too.


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