There Is An Opportunity in Every Problem

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There is an opportunity in every problem.

That’s an invaluable luxury real estate lesson I wish I learned when I first started.

Look for a Solution

Problems are everywhere and it’s paramount to not overly fret, obsess, and waste energy on those problems. Instead, look for a solution. Click To Tweet

I sold a house one summer and that lesson of finding an opportunity in every problem was especially demonstrated by the buyer. He was an incredible individual, and we constantly faced a number of challenges and roadblocks when it came to closing on the house he loved. Each time a problem arose, instead of getting angry and frustrated, he would always stop and say, “What’s the solution here?”

In business and especially in luxury real estate, when creating a USP, there is this concept called the “turnaround.” I find that when problems arise, if you turn it around, you can often find a positive way to deal with those ordeals and turn it into opportunities. 

Watch this video to learn more.

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