An Important Luxury Real Estate Rule

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An important rule in luxury real estate is that “everyone finds out everything.”

What do I mean by that?

Be Honest and Transparent 

There is so much information available and accessible today—specifically online—that it is naive to think clients will not find out about any sort of issues or imperfections in the house they are thinking of purchasing. Thus, it’s important to be honest and transparent.

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More importantly, when it comes to listings and selling luxury real estate, my philosophy has always been to disclose everything about the house—the good or bad. If something is really bad, get it fixed, remedied, and taken care of so you can indeed disclose it. 

Because, remember, they will find out eventually. It’s better that they hear it from you.

Tell people up front what’s going on. This has been a big part of my business for the past 4+ decades, but this could work in every part of life as well. 

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of being honest and transparent in luxury real estate. 

Until next time, make it a great week.

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