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Working in the luxury real estate industry for over four decades, I learned an incredibly invaluable lesson that I wished I knew when I first started: there is an opportunity in every problem.

Lately, it’s almost as if every deal is an ordeal. Problems are everywhere and it’s paramount to not overly fret, obsess, and waste energy on those problems. Instead, look for a solution. Click To Tweet

I sold a house last summer and that lesson of finding an opportunity in every problem was especially demonstrated by the buyer. He was an incredible individual, and we constantly faced a number of challenges and roadblocks when it came to closing on the house he loved. Each time a problem arose, instead of getting angry and frustrated, he would always stop and say, “What’s the solution here?”

In business and especially in Luxury Real Estate, when creating a USP, there is this concept called the “turnaround.” I find that when problems arise, if you turn it around, you can often find a positive way to deal with those ordeals and turn it into opportunities. 

Until next time, make it a great week.

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