Do You Have a “30-Second Commercial”?

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In luxury real estate, it’s vital that you develop a “30-second commercial”—a captivating and strategic introduction when you meet someone virtually or in person when it’s safe again. 

In particular, there are seven steps that you have to keep top of mind when creating your  “30-second commercial.”

1. Who is it for: is it for buyers, sellers, or agents? Decide who your “30-second commercial” is for and what value it will bring to them.

2. State the problem: underscore a common problem and how you’ve solved such problems. 

3. The solution: highlight what you do that’s better, different, and adds value.

4. The WIIFM benefit: your “what’s in it for me” benefit should be tangible—something they can touch and feel.

5. Not just different: you have to be better and add value—not just different.

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6. Wow them: exude passion and exhibit enthusiasm! 

7. What should they do: it’s crucial to always have a call to action. This could simply mean telling them to call, text, or email you. 

Watch this video to learn more. 

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