Avoid These SOI Mistakes

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There are a number of mistakes that luxury agents make when it comes to the management of their sphere of influence. Consequently, those mistakes lead to less referrals, business, and success.

Here are some of those common mistakes. 

Not Getting Started

The biggest sphere of influence mistake most luxury agents make is that they simply don’t start. They don’t quantify, organize, or make any effort to work on their sphere of influence. I encourage you to start and just do something!

Giving Up Too Soon

“Harvesting” your sphere of influence is a long-term luxury real estate practice. Click To Tweet Thus, don’t give up too soon. You most likely won’t see results the next day or week. This is indeed an ongoing process.

Not Following Up with Leads

One of the worst sphere of influence mistakes you can make is getting a lead and not following up. I encourage you to always follow up and thank the individual who gives you the lead.

Watch this video to discover more common luxury real estate sphere of influence mistakes.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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