How to Get Your First Luxury Listing

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In last week’s blog, Jere Metcalf and I examined how being born affluent or well-connected is not a prerequisite in order to be successful in Luxury Real Estate.

This week, we will be exploring the question I get asked the most: How do you get your first luxury real estate listing?

Don’t Be Afraid of The Zero

Prospective clients will often ask you a number of credibility questions – questions such as how many homes have you listed here or how many homes have you listed in this price point? 

If you’re new to Luxury Real Estate, the answer will likely be zero. 

For example, I did a listing presentation for a house in the price point of 50 million, and it was in a market that I didn’t work in. The clients asked me those same questions and my answer was “zero.” You can’t hide from these questions or circumvent your responses. Some of the suggestions I’ve heard are to change the subject or to distract them so that they’ll forget that they asked the question. However, I do not recommend this. 

Honesty and Integrity 

Rather, I strongly recommend being truthful and having integrity. I’ve noticed a fundamental truth over my 45 years of experience in Luxury Real Estate: Rich people tend not to be stupid and are not easily deceived. They have great BS detectors, as a matter of fact.

What You Should Say Instead

When I’ve been asked these questions, I’ll answer honestly: 

“No, I’ve never listed a 10 million dollar house before and yours will be the first. However, here’s what I’m going to do for you: I’m not going to list one more 10 million dollar house until we have an accepted offer on your house. I’m going to make the sale of your home the focus of my whole business. It’s going to be the last thing I think about every night before I go to sleep and the first thing I think about every morning when I wake up. It would be a privilege to have your listing to the point where you won’t be able to wait to refer me to your friends and associates when they want to list their properties. How does it feel to have somebody this driven, motivated, and keen on getting your property listed and sold?”

That seller is going to see a little bit of themselves in you and you’re going to get that listing. 

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Until next time, make it a great week.

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