Self-Doubt Can Sabotage Your Business

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There are a lot of factors that can disrupt your business, but self-doubt can sabotage it in a very personal way.

We all struggle with not having a strong enough belief system. We doubt our competencies as a real estate agent. We doubt our ability to close a sale. We feel intimidated by another agent or a buyer. We’re afraid that the amount of effort and time we’re putting into building our real estate business won’t amount to anything significant. That we’ll fail.

Despite our fears and self-doubt, we need to remember that it’s all in our head. These thoughts and feelings aren’t based on fact. Click To Tweet

They’re based on fear. And that means we’re not stuck. And because we’re not stuck, we can move forward and this should give us hope.

In order to progress, there are things we need to do to help boost our confidence and belief in ourselves.

One thing we can do is have a belief statement that reminds us to believe in ourselves and what we’re capable of. Specifically, write down a belief statement that is clear and easy to understand—a statement about who you are, who you’ve become, and who you’re going to be in the future. Include the standards you need to live by in order to achieve the goals you’ve set.

Ask yourself: what has to be true about me in order to be able to achieve the goals that I set? Asking this question of ourselves can help us get crystal clear on who we already are and what areas we need to work on.

Another habit that will help build our self-confidence is to begin every day by asking ourselves, “What is the best thing I’m going to accomplish today?” End each day with the question, “What am I most proud of that I accomplished today?” Write down the answers to these questions every time. Doing this exercise helps us to focus on our accomplishments and this, in turn, bolsters our belief in ourselves.

As we develop more competency, we’ll also develop our confidence in ourselves as successful real estate agents.

You can’t overcome self-doubt without working at it. So here’s my challenge to you. Draft three affirmations and three positive questions that you will use every day. Write them down and place it in a prominent location where you will be reminded each day to talk yourself out of self-doubt.

Don’t hold yourself back any longer. You are capable of great things.

Until then, make it a great week.


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