How To Confront Real Estate Market Chaos

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I am anxious to begin a series on negotiation. Over the next few weeks, I will review the five steps to handling objections understanding that while they’re effective, they don’t always work. When they don’t, it’s time to negotiate.

In today’s video, I will talk about a great Johnny Cash song, “Sunday Morning, Coming Down.” There are so many great lines in this song but my favorite is when he sings about going to his closet to get his “cleanest dirty shirt.”

Most of the world economies are like a dirty shirt and the United States remains the cleanest dirty shirt in the world. Not only is our currency still king but so is our real estate. This includes our luxury real estate which can be defined as real estate in rare and beautiful places.

Don’t sweat the chaos. Remain a believer in real estate: the cleanest of clean shirts. Click To Tweet

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