Why You Shouldn’t Fear Market Chaos

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I have taught you how to handle objections and, if all else fails, how to negotiate with those objections, and last week we even discussed how to find intentional ways to communicate with your clients. But today, I want to share why you shouldn’t fear financial uncertainty, or as some would call it, chaos…

Many people are still experiencing the rippling effects of COVID-19. In the video below, I talk about a Johnny Cash song, Sunday Morning, Coming Down, this song has so many great lines, but I have to say, one of my favorites is when he sings about going into his closet to get his “cleanest dirty shirt.”

I enjoy this line of the song because most of the world’s economy is like this dirty shirt. Here in the great US of A there remains the cleanest dirty shirt in the world. Not only is our currency still king, but so is our real estate, and this especially can be said for our luxury real estate. Our luxury real estate can be defined as real estate that is rare and is in beautiful places.

Don’t sweat the chaos. Remain a believer in real estate: the cleanest of clean shirts. Click To Tweet

Chaos will come but don’t worry, America is a Safe Haven. People will always continue to come here to invest. So, get back out there and continue to work with sellers and buyers!

Until next time, make it a great week.

Comment and tell me some of the ways you prepare yourself to handle “chaos” that may come your way as a realtor in luxury real estate!

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