Understanding The Power of Goals

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Goals are an important part of success. Yet, too often we don’t include them as part of our professional realtor growth or business marketing plan, or we fall short of the goal we set for ourselves.

What is holding us back?


Understanding the power of goals

Many of us understand the power of goals, but don’t set any. Why? I think a big reason is we’re afraid of setting a goal and not achieving it. If we intellectually understand the power of goals, but still don’t set them, that is a huge realtor business planning mistake. We often fear failure and dislike accountability. We’re afraid of validating negative feelings we have about ourselves, so we fall into the trap of knowing that goal-setting works, but not doing anything about it.

Create a plan

We need to have a roadmap to achieve our business goals for the future. If you go to LuxuryBusinessPlan.com, you can download an Excel template roadmap, which is a great asset for setting your goals and making a business plan. This template is particularly useful if you’re not into deep dive business planning; it’s enough to keep you on track for a year.

Stretch yourself

We talked about this a little bit when we talked about S.T.U.P.I.D. goals. We should set SPECTACULAR goals. We sometimes have a tendency to make our goals too easy so we have a guaranteed path to achieving them. Stretch yourself when you set your goal. Think about the “S” in S.T.U.P.I.D.

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