Elevate Your Luxury Real Estate Presentations

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Last week, we discussed the importance of incorporating a luxury buyer profile story during your listing presentations.

This week, I will examine more tips that will help elevate your luxury real estate presentations.

1. Lots of Content in Luxury Presentations 

Since each property in the high end is unique and different, you will have ample opportunities to highlight and leverage why it’s one of a kind. Showcase this through spreadsheets, graphs, photos, maps, and more.

2. Include an Executive Summary in Every Presentation

High net worth clients are incredibly busy. Thus, it’s important to create an executive summary for your presentations that underscores the salient points of your presentation. 

3. Present Like a Jeweler 

Jewelers present their valuable items with reverence. They hold the object of your desire with white cotton gloves and place it before you on black velvet. I encourage you to apply a similar approach, even if just metaphorically, during your presentations. Present with reverence!

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Watch this video to discover more tips that will enhance your luxury real estate presentations.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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  1. Tom Taborelli

    Great ideas again! Thanks.

    I have a high end client who has asked for comps for land only waterfront tear-downs on

    Upper Cape. Where would you start looking ?


    Tom Taborelli


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