Create a Captivating Unique Selling Proposition

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If you want to be successful in luxury real estate, it’s imperative that you stand out. To accomplish this, you have to create a captivating unique selling proposition (USP).

There are a number of ways to create an effective unique selling proposition, but I’ve always advocated utilizing a S.W.E.T. analysis.

Using a S.W.E.T. Analysis to Bolster Your Unique Selling Proposition 

Strengths: make a list of the strengths of your competition and identify what you can emulate.

Weaknesses: make a list of the weaknesses of your competition and evaluate how you can improve upon those weaknesses. 

Everything they do: when it comes to your competition, assess every aspect. For example, do they show their properties? Do they co-broke? Do they delegate the showing?

Turn things around: You have the ability to “turn things around” by creating your own marketing preparation checklist—instead of hiring a stager. You are the expert!

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Watch this video to learn more about creating a compelling unique selling proposition.

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