Are You Neglecting Your Business Cards?

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We continue our discussion on personal marketing with a deep dive into business cards. What could be more basic, right?

The danger is that we can think this topic is too basic to give a second thought. Don’t fall into this trap! The topic of business cards is not too basic for your careful consideration.

I get hired to speak across the country on the subject of Luxury Real Estate. As a result, I collect lots of business cards.

Many times I find that:

  • The fonts are so small that I can’t read them.
  • The design is so cluttered that I can’t find your email easily.
  • They are not scannable – they may look cool but aren’t practical.
  • I would not recognize the agent from the photo on the card, if there even is one.
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Watch today’s video, we will discuss some important details to keep in mind before placing your next order of business cards: size, font, colors, and other factors can make or break your card (and your brand). It’s basic yes, but it’s also a critical part of your promotional plan.

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Jack Cotton

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1 Comment

  1. Scott R. Morrison


    RIGHT ON!! I agree with you 100%. Great advice. NO photo on my card. I feel too many Realtors feel it’s all about them with all their marketing. You would think their product was their photo. There are too many Realtors with big egos in the business in my opinion. It’s not about them, it’s about the client, and how they can serve the client. On the other hand, I guess if I was a very attractive 20 – 30+ yr old blonde or brunette I’d use a great professional photo on my card to my advantage….. 😉 Unfortunately like you said, 9 out of 10 times (women in particular) have photos that are 10-15 yrs old, and look nothing like they do now. I can’t help but laugh when I see that!

    My card has my logo on one side, simple, clear concise contact info on the other side. VERY readable, in a larger font size.


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