Are You Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

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According to The Weather Channel, Hurricane Sandy is expected to have a huge impact on the East Coast as early as Sunday. Experts have said that “there is now a 90 percent chance that we will be pounded beginning on Sunday and lasting through at least Halloween on Wednesday.” In fact, Hurricane Specialist Bryan Norcross has said that the storm “will be like a nor’easter with a hurricane embedded in it.”

The storm is expected to bombard the Northeast with high winds, heavy rain, extremely high tides and it could even cause snow in some areas. Some are already drawing comparisons to the “Perfect Storm” of 1991 but as of now, Sandy is expected to do more damage because she will be hitting more densely populated areas.

To help you prepare for the coming storm, I am sharing my Hurricane Preparation Guide. It includes a list of emergency supplies, shelter recommendations and more. And, it is an excellent checklist resource for anyone in the path of a hurricane or facing any natural disaster. Please feel free to share it with friends, family and clients and stay safe during the storm!

 Jack Cotton Hurricane Preparation Guide

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