How to Speak In Public as a Luxury Real Estate Expert

Posted by on May 20, 2014 | 2 Comments

As we continue our series on building the perception of expertise in the Luxury Real Estate market place, our focus turns to Speaking.

Now, if would-be Luxury Agents start to shake when I talk about the need to write, they really lose it when I suggest public speaking is an important part of the perception process. Speaking to business groups, service organizations and clubs can help cement your expertise. <—Click to Tweet!

Today’s video starts with a question: Can you name one person who excels in his or her field who cannot talk in public?  Enjoy!

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  1. Jeremy Jantzen

    Hi Jack, I appreciated your youtube video on speaking. Every agent should learn to speak because it is so important in the negotiating process as well. Communication between agents needs to improve as well to get more deals done! How many sellers or buyers want to be represented by an agent that has a hard time communicating?

    • Jack

      Glad you enjoyed it. I can’t agree more that communication needs to be improved all around!


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