Seven Reasons To Show Your Own Listings

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I am a highly experienced luxury agent with a great track record. Why would I ever spend time showing my own listings? What a great thing to delegate.  

Incorrect. I always show my own listings and I want to share seven reasons to show your own listings.

Reasons I show my own listing

Here are seven reasons why I always, I mean, always show my own listings (Unless I cannot be there for some reason).

  1. I spend, you spend, thousands on photos, brochures, videos, websites, and marketing brochures, all to convert lurkers to lookers. Then when they show up, we are going to delegate that part? After spending all that money to get them to the door, we are going to let someone else take them through the door? I don’t think so.  
  2.  I know the property—I just do. I am very careful, and detailed, and really understand my listings. That is how I uncover, craft, and convey stories for my listings. I know the order of the rooms that should be shown. I know the best way to show the property, and I know how to save surprises for certain times during the showing to keep the buyer engaged.  
  3. I save those surprises for the right moment during the showing.  
  4. I can read the buyer, which is not always easy; some buyers are really poker-faced. But I like to watch their reaction. I learned early on that some buyers when are really negative… hate everything… really like the house. But you cannot read the buyer if you are not there. 
  5. I can discern real questions from real objections. Sometimes, people ask questions out of habit, you know. What is the R-factor of the doorknob? Some questions are asked out of habit and may be hiding a misconception about the property. I can discern real questions from real objections. Sometimes, people ask questions out of habit and may be hiding a misconception about the property. Share on X
  6. I can discern their motivation and interest because they talk during the showing. I can hear them talking to the buyer agent if they are with a buyer agent, or I can talk to them directly if they are not. But I can understand, what the properties they have seen, what they liked, and where they came from before this showing. I have had people come to a showing of my listing with the buyer agent and the buyer prospect laughing and I am like, “What is so funny?” and they will tell me about the showing they just came from, saying it is the worst or the funniest showing they have ever been to, and I can learn what else they are looking for and get an idea of their motivation and interest.  
  7. Most importantly, what is the message the listing agent sends when they are not present to show their listing? Think about that. Think about when you have been to look at a house. I actually challenge my sellers to think about this themselves during a listing appointment. Mr. and Mrs. Seller, think back to a time when you were looking at real estate. Can you think of a time when you looked at a property, and the listing agent was not there? What was the subtle message you got? Right. It does not matter that much. Not important. Mr. and Mrs. Seller, I do not want anyone to ever think that about your property. The message I send, if I choose not to show it, is really important. 


In conclusion, there are tons of things you can delegate in this business, but there are things you should not delegate and I think being in front of a potential buyer of your listing, is where you really earn your fee. That is where you are supposed to be. The message is important. No one is available 24/7, and explain all this to your seller. Make the bullet points in this video part of your listing presentation to help convey your value.  

 Until next time, make it a great week.

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    Thanks for showing us the reasons to show our own listing online. We’ll sure follow these steps


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