Is Staging Your Luxury Listing Really Worth It?

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For those of you that have known me for some time, you know that I’m not a fan of staging. But, let me explain to you why I’m not a fan.

While speaking with Brian Loebker, we examined why, in my opinion, I don’t recommend staging when it comes to Luxury Real Estate.

Say No to Stagers

Simply put, I don’t hire stagers. I don’t even use the word “staging.”

Staging makes homes too perfect. And I’ve seen situations where buyers come in and are skeptical because the homes look too superficial.

The second I bring in a stager, I risk losing control. When I’m dealing with individuals in the high end, I want to give the appearance of not really delegating all that much. I’m the air traffic controller who oversees everything that takes place in that house. 

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Market Preparation

Instead of staging, market prep – which I am a big proponent of.

The quickest, most effective, easiest and most foolproof way to gain expertise, stand out in your market and bring more value to your clients is through a great Market Preparation Checklist. You can even download your very own market preparation guide from me. Just click here to get yours.

Or you can read about market preparation in a little booklet that I give to my sellers and it’s called “A Tale of Two Houses.” It talks about two homes that came on the market at the same time – one sold in a month and one sold in 13 months.

What was the difference?

The one that sold in one month was prepared for the market and it was easier for a buyer to fall in love with that house. It wasn’t staged, fake, or manipulative. It was based on my 45 years of experience noticing what makes the eyes of the buyer light up when they go through a house.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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