Luxury Market Preparation Guide

This guide will help you to create your own market preparation checklist.

The most successful Luxury Real Estate Agents have three things in common:

The quickest, most effective, easiest and most foolproof way to gain expertise, stand out in your market and bring more value to your clients is through a great Market Preparation Checklist.

Most Luxury Realtors will bring in stagers to make a house look warm and inviting for a showing. I have nothing against stagers, but how does that make you different or better than your competitors? They just have to get a better stager. Then you have to hire Martha Stewart!

In addition I don’t know of one stager who has walked through a home with a potential buyer noticing what makes their eyes light up and more importantly, what turns them off.

A buyer will notice small details like cob webs in the front entry light or dusty pipes in the utility room and judge what they can’t see by what they can see. They will also assume that for every small item out of place that there are ten more they can’t see behind the walls. This will be the key difference between selling the house and never seeing that buyer again.

If you want to prepare a house in a way that gets a buyer’s eyes to light up, you need to do some market preparation.

A market preparation guide can help:

This Luxury Market Preparation Guide is the silver bullet in my real estate tool box that I use with all of my clients and I want to give you the tools you need to create one for FREE!

No strings attached, no need to buy, no prequalification, nada!

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