Seven Seconds Of Courage

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I once saw a license plate on a car spelled, “IHT2WRK” (read as “I hate to work”). This led me to think about the work-related tasks that I delayed or avoided. No matter your occupation, you will come across tasks that you are dreading to complete because you know they will cause some level of discomfort. I take seven, yes seven, seconds to bring myself the courage to complete these tasks. 

Now, let’s dive in.

Indeed, we all encounter challenging tasks every day and are hesitant to tackle them due to fear or anxiety. To help you overcome that, I want to share with you the seven seconds of courage concept.

The concept is you just take seven seconds, that’s it, to start a task that you are avoiding doing. These seven seconds will get you in the motion of completing the task.

I will use this concept to:

  • Call the challenging seller 
  • Write the difficult email
  • Start the tedious paperwork 
Spend seven seconds to get yourself in motion and physically doing the work. It will make a tremendous difference. Click To Tweet

Watch this video to learn more about the seven seconds of courage.

Until next time, make it a great week.

Comment and tell me what task you are going to use the seven seconds of courage on! 

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