A Brand That Fulfills Its Promise

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Last week, we examined branding and the importance it has to you and your real estate business. 

This week, I would like to share with you a personal story that exemplified “the promise of branding.” It was a profound shopping experience that, indeed, reminded me of the power of successfully conveying and fulfilling a brand’s promise to the market.

The Louis Vuitton White Glove

My wife and I decided to visit a Louis Vuitton store. We were shopping for a quality leather bag and once I entered the store, I was struck by the lavish interiors.

Up high on one of the shelves, my wife spotted the bag she wanted.

The salesperson came over and asked to assist. We pointed out the bag we liked, which was, again, really high up the shelf. At that moment, I was curious to see how the salesperson was going to retrieve the bag because she was quite short. I thought perhaps she had some kind of stick with a hook and was simply going to knock it down and catch it…

That’s not what she did at all! And what she did to obtain the bag was an incredible surprise to me.

First, she utilized a sliding ladder and placed it in front of the bag.

Afterwards, she opened a drawer under the counter where we were standing. She pulled out a large black piece of velvet and spread it out on top of the counter.

She then wore beautiful pure white cotton gloves and climbed the ladder to retrieve the bag.

She placed the bag in front of us on top of the black velvet. It was incredible.

While my wife was drooling over the bag, I was drooling over this combination of showmanship and salesmanship. 

Fulfilling The Promise

This story illustrates that investing huge amounts of money on marketing, product development, facilities, and salespeople will not work or account for anything if you fail to fulfill the promise that your brand has planted in the minds of your market.

That salesperson who wore the white gloves fulfilled that promise by treating the product with a kind of reverence… the kind of quality you would expect when you hear Louis Vuitton.

Thus, I again want to ask you:

What is the promise you make to your marketplace? Make sure your entire team is signed on to that promise. Click To Tweet

Until next time, make it a great week.

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