Process is the Key to Luxury

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If you want to be more efficient, productive, and increase your success rate when it comes to listing presentations, you have to create checklists. In particular, you have to create two checklists: one for pre-listing and one for listing. 

1. Pre-Listing Checklist 

In your pre-listing checklist, it’s imperative to convey everything you do to prepare for a listing appointment. This includes, for example, research, email communication, photography, and the time it takes to complete those items.

2. Listing Checklist 

After you get a listing contract signed, it’s now time to execute your listing checklist. It’s paramount to note everything you do to bring that new listing to the market. This entails, for example, measuring rooms, filling out MLS forms, and more.

Once you create these checklists, you will learn more about the time, effort, energy, and money required for those tasks. And the results might shock and scare you. That’s okay. This is where you can identify and evaluate which tasks need less or more of your resources.

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Watch this video to discover more tips that will help you improve your pre-listing and listing procedures.

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