Luxury Clients Expect 5 Areas of Expertise

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It’s essential to not overlook the importance of being perceived as an expert in luxury real estate. This is because affluent individuals often prefer working with experts.

As a luxury agent, how do you effectively bolster your expertise? Here are five strategies.

1. Market and Value

It’s imperative that you understand your market and its value. This entails rigorous research. For example, research who are the current residents, prominent architects, and typical buyers in your marketplace. 

2. Write Something

Whether it’s newsletters, blogs, or in social media, it’s essential that you write. This is because writers are often perceived as experts. 

3. Say Something

Whether virtual or in person when it’s safe again, I encourage you to speak at conferences, seminars, or other events that are attended by gatekeepers. This will help elevate your perceived expertise to key individuals. 

4. Get Endorsed

Getting endorsed is critical. Click To Tweet In particular, showcase testimonials from past clients. It’s invaluable. 

5. Read

Read daily. Read publications related to finance, economics, business, and, of course, luxury real estate. 

Watch this video to learn more.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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