Are You a Real Estate Evangelist?

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The fear of rejection holds us back from a multitude of things. It holds us back from prospecting, closing, and becoming successful luxury real estate specialists. Thus, how do we overcome this fear of rejection and increase our confidence?

Poor “Salesperson-Esteem”

Some of us have this perception that salespeople are obnoxious, intrusive, and insincere. To be a successful luxury real estate agent, you have to be a masterful salesperson who knows their value. Click To Tweet Be confident in your value and don’t be timid as a salesperson.

Real Estate Evangelist  

If you want to further overcome the fear of rejection, you need to become a real estate evangelist. You need to strongly believe in your expertise and know that other people value your expertise.

To learn more about the mindset required to overcome the fear of rejection, watch this video. 

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