A Branding Lesson From Volkswagen

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Last week, we discussed how to develop the right image for your luxury brand.

This week, I’m going to share a story that will help you understand how to fulfill your brand’s promise.

I once drove to a listing appointment and thought about how much I really disliked my car. It was the third Escalade I owned. Although it was relatively new at the time, it drove like it had 200,000 miles. It constantly rattled and weaved all over the road.

As a result, I started shopping for new cars. That got me thinking about branding and the promise of a brand. My car certainly did not meet the promise of the brand.  

In particular, I thought about the Volkswagen Phaeton that came out years ago. The Phaeton was a beautiful handcrafted car with a V12 engine. It had lots of wood and leather. It was a high-end luxury car priced at $100,000. It did not sell well, but Volkswagen figured out a way to double the price and sell lots of cars.

Watch this video and learn what Volkswagen implemented to sell more cars. Afterwards, I would like you to think again: 

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Until next time, make it a great week. 

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