Success in Seven Seconds

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Today, I will be delving into a glaring issue that all of us encounter and struggle with on a daily basis: doing something we don’t want to do, especially those things that force us to go out of our comfort zone and undertake tasks that we are hesitant to start or finish.

There is one simple way to combat this indecisiveness or lethargicness.

The Power of 7 Seconds

I am going to challenge all of us to begin each day with seven seconds of courage.

It may only be five or two seconds of courage. The point is, it only takes seconds to pick up the phone and call someone you don’t want to call. At the beginning of the day, devote one hour to¬†prospecting, calling people, and being in touch with your sellers who you don’t want to call because they haven’t shown their homes in a long time. Seven seconds is all that it takes to activate yourself in that mode and start dialing that phone.

What’s the biggest challenge of your day? It might be different each day, but spend just seven seconds to get yourself in motion and physically and mentally start.

The mean person, the tough person, and the client you really don’t want to talk to – call them first. Accomplish that during your power hour first thing in the morning. Perhaps there’s a touchy situation you’re afraid to talk about. Tackle it right away first thing with your seven seconds of courage. It’s a great way to start every single day.

What's your biggest challenge? Who's the one person you keep putting off calling? Who's the person you dread talking to? Write it down and call them up. All it takes is seven seconds. Click To Tweet

Until next time, make it a great week.


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