Where to Find Luxury Clients

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Continuing with our discussion on Sphere of Influence, I want to talk today about Trolling for High Net Worth Individuals.

Now, before I get in trouble for using the word “trolling” which often has a negative connotation (especially on the web), let me explain. I use this word because it’s a fishing term. You see, catching luxury clients can be quite similar to fishing because, just like fish, High Net Worth Individuals, (HNWI’s) like to be around other “fish” like themselves. This means…

No matter what market you’re in, there are certain areas where you will always find high net worth individuals and in this week’s video,

I cover all of the key places you need to be “trolling.” Where do you look for high net worth individuals in your market? Enjoy this week’s video then share in the comments below.

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