How To Arrive At The Right Price For A Luxury Listing

Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 | 7 Comments

Another question I get asked repeatedly deals with pricing: how to arrive at the right price for a luxury listing and how to convey that price to a skeptical seller. You have heard me talk about benchmarks and how important it is to establish them for your market.

One of my favorite benchmarks is the sales price of a given property compared to its tax assessment.

Today, I will show you a spreadsheet that organizes recent sales, their assessments and helps you arrive at another pricing metric for your seller.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. Larry Lawfer

    I get this one and it makes perfect sense. In a town where the assessed values are lower than the sale price, does it make sense to get the home re-assessed either before or after the sale?

  2. Mark A. Sisco

    Hello jack,

    Excellent spread sheet tool. Please send me the spread sheet via email.


  3. Sharon Alters

    Hi Jack, please send these spreadsheets. I am going to start paying attention to assessed values vs. sales prices. In our area, they will be lower than the sales price, but still a useful tool. Thanks! Sharon

  4. Billy Cassie

    Hi Jack please send me the spreadsheets they would be a great tool to have.
    Thank You

  5. Geoff Grist

    Hi Jack, I have never gone this approach before but can see merit so would be happy to receive the spreadsheets, many thanks Geoff

  6. Mellie Cline

    Hi, Jack, Usually the assessments in Dallas are MUCH lower than the sales prices, but what makes it a difficult number to use reliably is that we have a period of time after proposed values are posted to protest and have your value reduced. So tax values:market values range wildly based on whether the owner is proactive at keeping their value as low as possible.

    Even so I would appreciate having all of your spreadsheets and any other tool that you use in your business. Thanks so much, Mellie

  7. Donna Lavin

    Great video. Can you please send me the square footage chart. Thanks for all your presentations.


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