Cape Cod – Not Just A Summer Destination

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 | 4 Comments

I was checking out the performance stats for my agent website the other day. All was in pretty good shape with the exception of the fact that I need to do more consumer blogging.

As you know, I blog every week for agents. I just need to find time to do more for consumers. Anyway, I took advantage of the extreme cold weather we have been experiencing and traveled by bike out to the middle of the second largest lake on Cape Cod which is frozen solid.  I made a short video for consumers talking about how Cape Cod is not just for summer.

Let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy the video.

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  1. Todd Wiley


    Judging from the way you are wringing your bare hand while making your video blog, that looks COLD! Being a Realtor in San Francisco, and since we’ve had record heat this Winter, I can honestly say, I didn’t find your journey across the ice a selling point for Cape Cod in the winter. I find all of your information very intriguing and worth viewing. After viewing this my interest in Cape Cod are still in the Fall, Spring and Summer. Great job, otherwise. 🙂

    Will you be attending the event Patrick Lilly has put together in the Fall?

    Stay warm!

    Todd Wiley
    Zephyr Real Estate, San Francisco

    • Jack

      Thanks Todd,

      Our cold may not be that appealing but it is what we have been dealt so making the most of it. Will try to make the Lily event next fall if schedule permits. Thanks for your comment

  2. Donna Lavin

    Nice video. I use to live in New Hampshire and we always went to the Cape in the summer. I would never go in the winter. If you live in a cold climate you want to go somewhere warm in the winter. You did a great job but not enough to make me want to be colder. LOL

  3. Brenda Alexander

    Hi Jack,
    Great Video and it’s good to know that the Cape can be beautiful in Winter also, however, I am a Florida Island Girl and only enjoy seeing the white sand beneath my feet, so I would not come there for the Winter, but Love the Cape during the Summer. Thanks for showing us this concept….

    Best Regards,


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