A Crucial Element in Business Planning

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In the fast-paced business world, where efficiency and results are paramount, not paying attention to personal and professional development is a critical mistake. This blog post will delve into crucial business planning sin: failing to “sharpen the saw.” Much like trying to write with a dull pencil or cutting bread with a dull knife, attempting to navigate the complexities of the business world without regularly honing our skills can lead to subpar results and hinder personal and professional growth.

Allocate Time for Study

Investing time in continuous learning is essential to become a credible and valuable professional in any field, including luxury real estate. This involves staying abreast of the business’s practical aspects and nurturing personal growth. Books, seminars, workshops, and new opportunities are valuable professional and personal development tools.

Group or Private Coaching

Effective planning for the upcoming year involves deliberate decisions about education and self-improvement. Questions such as which seminars to attend, which conventions to participate in, and whether to hire a coach are crucial. Seeking guidance and accountability from a coach can help bridge gaps in knowledge and skill, serving as another means of sharpening the saw.

Put Pen to Paper

Goal-setting is a fundamental aspect of personal and professional development. The kinesthetic connection between your writing hand and the brain is a powerful force that enhances the effectiveness of goal setting. Writing down goals, speaking them aloud in front of a mirror, and regularly reviewing their help to keep objectives at the forefront of our minds, facilitating continuous progress.


Consistency is critical in sharpening the saw. Repetition of activities that contribute to personal and professional growth is essential. The specific activities may vary from person to person, but the underlying principle remains the same—engage consistently in actions that yield desired results.


Lastly, committing to activities that sharpen the saw is a non-negotiable aspect of successful business planning. Whether reading a book each month, listening to a daily podcast, attending stretching seminars, or simply planning, the commitment to self-renewal should remain a constant. Integrating these activities into our routine ensures ongoing growth and success.

In the relentless pursuit of business goals, it’s easy to overlook the necessity of self-renewal. However, as we’ve explored, neglecting to sharpen the saw can have detrimental effects on our personal and professional aspects. By allocating time for study, seeking coaching, putting pen to paper, embracing repetition, and committing to continuous improvement, we can ensure that our business planning is not just about the destination but also the journey of personal and professional growth.

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