Negotiation Tactics in Luxury Real Estate

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5 Negotiation Tactics to Keep an Eye On

Negotiation is a part of our daily lives. Knowing how to negotiate effectively is a valuable skill that can significantly impact your outcomes. Today, you’ll learn about five negotiation tactics that you should be vigilant about. These tactics can be employed by both sides in a negotiation, so understanding them and knowing how to respond is crucial.

1. The Red Herring

The red herring is a diversion tactic used to distract you from the main issue at hand. It often involves introducing irrelevant information or problems into the conversation to throw you off balance. Be cautious when someone seems to be steering the discussion away from the central point of negotiation. Stay focused on your objectives and be prepared to gently guide the conversation back on track.

2. The Low Ball

The low ball is a tactic where one party initially offers an attractive deal, only to later backtrack or add hidden costs. It lures you in with an enticing proposition but then reveals unforeseen drawbacks. To counter this tactic, always request a written agreement before finalizing any deal and thoroughly scrutinize the terms to ensure they align with your expectations.

3. The Bait and Switch

Similar to the low ball, the bait and switch tactic involves enticing you with a tempting offer but then substituting it with a less favorable one at the last minute. To protect yourself, clearly articulate your expectations from the beginning and insist on sticking to the terms agreed upon. Don’t be afraid to call out any sudden changes and be ready to walk away if the deal deviates too far from your initial agreement.

4. “Are You Nuts?!”

This tactic relies on creating doubt and uncertainty by presenting your initial proposal as unreasonable or unrealistic. Instead of becoming defensive, maintain your confidence and provide a well-reasoned justification for your request. Solid research and a clear understanding of your needs will bolster your position and counteract attempts to paint you as unreasonable.

5. The Written Word

Verbal agreements can be easily manipulated or forgotten. To protect yourself, always insist on putting important details in writing. This ensures that both parties have a clear reference point and helps prevent misunderstandings or disputes down the line.

Negotiation can indeed be challenging, but remember, it’s a skill that can be honed and improved over time. When you familiarize yourself with these tactics and maintain respect and professionalism throughout the negotiation process, you can significantly enhance your chances of securing the best possible outcome in any negotiation.

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