The Two-Step Listing Process for Luxury Real Estate Success

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One of my favorite parts of the work I do is talking with people from across the country and helping them find answers to their luxury real estate questions. What’s remarkable to me is how similar the questions I hear are.

If you, like so many others, have ever wondered about listing presentations, specifically the most effective process that has been proven to result in more deals being closed, you’re in the right place. Keep reading.

I hear this all the time: “Jack, you talk about the importance of a two-step listing presentation. Are two steps really necessary? I usually just do one.”

My answer to that question is absolutely, positively, YES.

As a luxury real estate expert, I always do a two-step listing presentation. Here’s why:

Think about the last time you visited the doctor.

A doctor always diagnoses before he or she prescribes. On the other hand, many people in real estate tend to prescribe before they diagnose. They walk into a listing presentation telling the seller how great they are, how much production they’ve done, how many awards they’ve won and therefore you should list with them.

Using a two-step listing process, you get the opportunity to diagnose before you prescribe your services.

We are in an economy and market where people are highly focused on the value of having their needs met. More than ever, we have to tailor our presentation to meet those wants, needs, and desires.

The way you do that is to diagnose; that is thoroughly qualify the seller in all areas, especially motivation before you prescribe.

A two-step process gives you the opportunity to gather information, go back to the office, and interpret the information in the context of market data and be in a position to prescribe during the second appointment.

In appointment number one, you visit the property, you measure everything, you write or dictate detailed notes, but most importantly, you talk to the seller about their motivation and their goals. Ask them about the last time they bought or sold real estate. What they liked about the process and what they think could have been improved about the process. Why are their goals important to them and their family?

If you ask all of the right questions in appointment number one, you will have everything you need to tailor your presentation around the wants, needs, and desires of the seller so that you can close the listing based on what they want.

So, the short answer to the question is, yes, absolutely use the two-step process: diagnose and then prescribe!

Do you want to know more about the two-step process? Or do you have more questions you want answered? I love hearing your questions—feel free to connect with me to discuss more!

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