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Let’s continue discussing marketing ideas that you can implement quickly and easily. You want to keep your marketing fresh so you can stand out.

Real estate is a competitive market, you are constantly competing for listings and finding ways to show that you are at the top in your field. Your marketing can be one way to really break out in the Luxury Real Estate market.

Here are some ways to stand out with your marketing:

Ask Your Seller this Question and Boost Your Marketing

This next strategy is effective, but it’s difficult.

Every now and then, you’ll do a listing presentation and not get hired. In this situation, I believe it’s totally appropriate to ask the seller this question:

“If there is one thing I could have done differently to gain your business, what would it have been?”

Always be gracious, professional, and polite no matter what the feedback may be. Their answer and your response will help you learn and grow professionally and personally.

Identify a New Market

Another low-cost idea is to identify a new market for your business. This can take form in one of two ways. It could be:

1. A new geographic market

2. A new price point

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Offer a High-Price Point Program

Have you ever considered offering a fancier, more expensive, or faster version of your service?

For example, come up with an innovative program that offers more value so you can charge higher prices. That way, when people ask: “What’s your commission?” you can provide them with a range from your low program to that new, more expensive service.

This will allow clients to feel as if their experience is also more personal and that they are getting a great deal on your commission.

Keep Your Presentations Updated 

Finally, update all of your presentation materials: your listing presentation, your buyer presentation, your pricing presentation – all of your real estate business presentations. Create a new, fresh look to make yourself more appealing, your service a bit fresher, more vital, and much more memorable to your clients.

If you’re excited about your content, so will your clients.

Comment below marketing ideas you have implemented into your real estate listings?

Until next time, make it a great week

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