New Luxury Agents: Money Is Not Always the Bottom Line

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“If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can’t buy.” – Zig Ziglar

I recently did an interview with Brian Loebker, real estate professional from Sarasota, Florida.

We talked about a misconception that rookie Luxury Real Estate agents often have regarding what motivates a seller to go with one buyer versus another – and it’s NOT money.

Some novice luxury agents think they know a luxury buyer’s central motive. They assume it’s centered around money and thus create their strategy around that notion.

In Luxury Real Estate, it’s critical to remember that money is not always the bottom line. Share on X

We always assume that if one was selling their house, one would want the highest price possible. We have plenty of sellers who don’t care about the highest price.

Instead, they care about:

  • who buys the house
  • if they are going to tear it down
  • if they are going to preserve it
  • if they are going to become stewards of that property

For example, we had one seller who, despite receiving multiple offers, was willing to sell for $1 million less to the people who were going to be stewards of the property. She valued buyers who cared, loved and nurtured the property.

Indeed, don’t always assume that luxury buyers are solely infatuated with money. With research and by asking the right questions, you will be able to identify the central underlying motives of your seller. 

Watch the above video to learn more.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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