4 Marketing Tips for These Times

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To conclude our high-impact, low-cost marketing series that will help your business during these uncertain times, I will be exploring the importance of marketing budgets, mastermind groups, the press, and testimonials. 

Marketing Budget

Often overlooked, determine what percentage of your income you want to invest annually on marketing. The trouble with real estate is that a lot of agents spend too much money on marketing and they’re always signing up for the newest shiny thing. You need to strategically develop a budget and plan.

Mastermind Group

Start a mastermind group for your business with other professionals who are in non-competing businesses. For example, this could be architects, lawyers, CPAs, or bankers. Meet once a week or month in Zoom to discuss the market and other business issues. 

Clients in the Press

Always be on the lookout for press about your clients. It could also be someone you would like to have as a client. Cut out the article, have it laminated, and send it to them. It’s a fantastic way to build rapport.


Ask your clients for testimonials. People like doing business with people they know and trust. Click To Tweet Also, ask your clients to endorse you on LinkedIn. Over time, it will build up and bolster your credibility

I encourage you to implement these simple and inexpensive marketing ideas. Your luxury real estate business will undoubtedly grow as a result. 

Until next time, make it a great week.

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