Who Do YOU Need to Be in This Market?

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Last week, Victoria Kennedy and I examined the importance of emphasizing how the economy can actually work to the advantage of your buyers despite these uncertain times.

This week, we will discuss why it’s important to realize that we are not in a housing crisis.

Not a Housing Crisis

According to Victoria, it’s important to realize that our government will do everything it can to prevent a recession and ensure we recover economically from the pandemic. We’ve seen stimulus checks being sent and we should continue to see more going forward. Money will continue to circulate. People are going back to work or are transitioning to working at home. We will be fine!

Before the pandemic, the economic predictions were that around 6 million homes would sell in the US in 2020—both new and existing homes. Even if, as some have suggested, the market might take a 10-15% hit, that would still be around 5 million homes sold this year. That’s a lot of real estate!

Be This Agent

The agents who are proactively marketing and establishing themselves as the authority are the ones who will experience success—not the agents who are just staying at home and hoping the issues they’re facing will figure itself out. Be the agent who indeed positions himself or herself as an expert because there will still be a lot of buyers and sellers.

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Until next time, make it a great week.

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