What Path Are You Taking?

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Over the next coming weeks, I will be sharing with you highlights from a recent interview with Victoria Kennedy, CEO of Atlas Real Estate. We will be discussing strategies for how realtors can thrive during these difficult times

This is truly an unprecedented and uncertain time. The Luxury Real Estate industry has never experienced anything like this.

What Are the Two Paths That Agents Can be Taking Right Now?

1.) Are you an agent who is just relaxing at home and complacently waiting for this difficult time to pass?

2.) Are you an agent who refuses to just relax at home and is constantly searching for creative solutions?

Similar to the 2008 collapse, a lot of agents are leaving the field right now. Thus, if you are really serious about your business, you need to go all in now. This is the time to be creative. Click To Tweet This is a great opportunity to stand up as an agent and be that leader for your community.

From posting more videos, creating educational guides, to constantly communicating with your sphere, there is a multitude of ways to be creative during these uncertain times. More importantly, by accomplishing those, you will be seen as an expert. You will be seen as the calm amidst the storm.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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