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Video marketing in Luxury Real Estate can be incredibly powerful and effective – if executed properly.

As I shared with Brian Loebker, real estate professional from Sarasota, Florida, I was resistant to video when it came to marketing listings because my biggest fear was that the video would give potential buyers so much information that they wouldn’t feel that they needed to come and see the house in person. 

It is very difficult to sell a house where buyers don’t physically visit it. Share on X

However, eventually, I became more receptive to video marketing – you just have to be mindful and strategic on what you showcase.

When it comes to video marketing in Luxury Real Estate, the goal should not be to sell the house with video. Our goal is to get people to come and see the house in person. I’ve tried to create videos that are very personal and highlight the lifestyle and the story that come along with the property, as opposed to the technical elements.

For example, we sold a house last summer for $2 million and it was the most expensive home ever sold in that particular area. When it came to marketing that property via video, we reenacted the search for this property by the first owner of the property back in the 1940s. He was a pilot in World War I and II. So we rented a biplane and we learned that it was illegal to mount cameras on an airplane. I thus had to hold the camera in the plane.

More importantly, we highlighted a particular story/something personal about the house as opposed to the specifications of the home. We shared the history of the first property owner as a pilot through video.

Don’t underestimate the impact of effective video storytelling when it comes to the marketing of your next luxury listing.

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