This One Question Will Help You Achieve Goals

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I recently biked to work and I thought about the parallels between biking and real estate

Specifically, I thought about the competitors in the Tour de France and how they constantly have to be strategic when it comes to their pedaling intensity. This prompted me to ask myself this question as I rode my bike: “Are you pedaling as hard as you can right now?”

A lot of times, I can barely breathe because I’m pushing and pedaling so hard. Thus, the answer to my question is yes – I am pedaling as hard as I can. However, there are other times when I decide not to pedal as hard because I deserve a break. More importantly, if I’m not pedaling as hard as I can at that moment, that is okay because I’m aware of it and I’ve given myself permission to do so.

How Biking Relates to Real Estate

How is the Tour de France related to you as a realtor?

Throughout the day when I’m working, I constantly ask myself, “Is what I’m doing right now getting me closer to my goal?

For example, I get an email with the latest list of boats for sale. I am momentarily intrigued by that email, but I eventually tell myself that I’m not getting closer to my goal when I’m boat shopping. However, I do allow myself to take a break as long as I’m aware of my goals and am strategically taking breaks, just like when a much-needed rest is required in order to refuel.

Indeed, asking ourselves this question over and over again throughout the course of the day – “Is what I’m doing at this moment getting me closer to my goal?” – is a great way to keep yourself on track, focused, productive, and to help you actually achieve the goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Always Remember Your Goals

It’s paramount to remember your goals. Click To Tweet You can achieve this through a variety of techniques. You can write it down, or set some time throughout the day to remind yourself of your goals. You can even set your alarm on your watch to go off every half hour or hour so you can indeed ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing at this moment getting me closer to my goal?

If you’re not doing something at the moment to achieve your goals, that’s okay as long as you give yourself permission and are aware that this is just a temporary “break.” You shouldn’t work yourself to death, just as you shouldn’t pedal to the point of injury.

Until next time, make it a great week and keep asking yourself, “Is that I’m doing right now getting me closer to my goal?”

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