Are You Using These Tools to Broadcast Your Listing?

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Last week, we examined breaking through to your first listing.

And now, after a long battle, the house is listed at the right price and at the right fee. Now, we need to get it sold.

These are fundamentals that I use to get the word out about my client’s listing:


Brochures are extremely important in the high-end markets. Most buyers of luxury homes are hiding in plain sight – I would say that 85% to 90%. When you market map you’ll discover who they are.

Very few people parachute into a nine million dollar house and buy that house without any connections to the area. It doesn’t matter if it’s a second home market or a primary home market. The higher you go in the price range, the more often you’ll find connections.

If you research where every single buyer came from in the last two years, over a million dollars or over five million dollars for example, you’ll find that every single one of them had a connection to someone who’s already living in the area. Therefore, having collateral material you can send to other people who are already there is critically important. A great brochure is indeed a fantastic start.


To create a great brochure, you must have great photography. Share on X

You need to have a really good camera and a person who knows how to work that really good camera. For example, I have a phenomenal photographer. She knows every button, every dial, every readout, everything that camera does. That’s critical to getting a great shot. We know what makes the eyes of a buyer light up when they’re looking at properties online. We help capture the lead photo by looking through the lens for the cover shot to make sure it’s the perfect shot. We always tell the seller that it’s important to separate ourselves from the competition, and amazing photographs can do this.

Print and Online Advertising

Nowadays, even the older demographic pull out an iPad and start looking online.

However, print advertising is still important. Guess what it’s important for? It’s for finding other sellers. You’re not going to find many buyers with print, but you will find other sellers because many sellers will look at print advertising to see what’s going on in the marketplace.

Moreover, you have to be online. People want to see it and now they want to see everything there. Marketing online is critically important because even if prospective buyers have connections, they will want to do further research online. Therefore, be sure to integrate the web address on your printed materials so they can see more about the listing.

Video Storytelling

When it comes to video quality, the bar is being raised all the time. No more stitched together pictures and calling that a video. It has to be great. Two and a half to three minutes are ideal. More importantly, try to tell a story in the video. Find a way to convey a story or have some action in the video.

For example, I place GoPro’s on cars and boats. We’re doing everything to capture the story of a listing so people can imagine themselves there and are not just being given a dry recitation of what’s in the house. Convey a story. Tell a story. That’s an important part of video.

Until next time, make it a great week.

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